Advertising textiles

Advertising textiles

Blankets, towels, bags, backpacks, mattresses and pillows are not only functional products but also an ideal form of advertisement and promotion of your brand. Sublimation print perfectly reflects all colors in reality. Each product is made with high care, the fabrics used in our production are textiles of the highest quality – each of them is chosen to the functionality of a particular product.

High quality print made in sublimation method on the entire area of the fabric. The number of the colors does not affect the price. Printing according to CMYK and PANTONE is a guarantee of real colors holding the highest durability and resistance to UV. The print does not rub off.

Silk screen printing is a very durable method of printing in which paint is pressed into fabric creating a unified whole with it. This method is recommended for medium size prints on dyed fabrics from our offer. The color of the print is specified as per Pantone palette.

Patterns both embroidered and printed with embroidered edges. Embroidering is a method of decorating fabrics consisting in placing by means of a needle and threads. The advantage of the computerized embroidery is its durability as well as elegant and exclusive look. Patterns are made in an exceptionally precise way. We offer making embroideries for advertising-promotional purposes.

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