Beach screens, winders

Advertisement in beach version

Do you search for practical advertisement, gift or award in a contest? Personalized beach screens with your own print manufactured according to your individual needs is a very good choice. They can be 1.8 m high, whereas their length is infinite. The print is resistant to UV, fabrics can be in different grammage.

Economic as well as premium versions meeting your requirements concerning your advertisement. The offer for beach screens is completed by standing flags – winders in three sizes.

Fabric and grammage: cotton, polyester, microfiber, 90-220gm2.
Print type: cotton / silk screen printing, polyester microfiber/sublimation
Sizes: panel +/- 75cm x 98 cm, max height 180 cm.
Sticks: dry wood, pointed.
Additional information: personalized beach screen with any print. It is available in economic and premium version.

Summer beach screen

Fabric and grammage: cotton, polyester, microfiber, 90-140gm2. 
Sizes: standard panel  +/- 0,75m x 1,00 – 1,20 m.
Sticks: dry wood, pointed.

Additional information: beach screen available in steady patterns corresponding the latest fashion trends. Economic version  for wholesale marketing orders, premium version intended for individual clients

Prepared by us ready patterns correspond the latest fashion trends. You can add any advertising text or logo in a marked place.

Fabric: fiberglass
Sizes: available in three sizes.
Additional information: mobile, light-weight, durable standing, marketing flag. Easy assemblage is an additional advantage. Packed in a case for storing and transporting.
Base to order.

Colors of sticks or hammers

S.01 Transparent  S.02 Oak   S.03 Tik   S.04 Mahogany   S.05 Palisander  S.06 Heban

V.01 White  V.02  Yellow  V.03 Orange  V.04  Red  V.05 Blue  V.06 Gray


High quality print made in sublimation method on the entire area of the fabric. The number of the colors does not affect the price. Printing according to CMYK and PANTONE is a guarantee of real colors holding the highest durability and resistance to UV. The print does not rub off.

Silk screen printing is a very durable method of printing in which paint is pressed into fabric creating a unified whole with it. This method is recommended for medium size prints on dyed fabrics from our offer. The color of the print is specified as per Pantone palette.