BIG LINE collection


Stand alone, personalize your deckchair – promote your brand through BIG version. The biggest deckchairs with print. BIG products are becoming more and more popular amongst prestigious world brands – we are proud of them.
As a pioneer of this product line we have cared about high quality, durability and safety, we have created an advertising media which cannot be gone past dispassionately.


Sizes: 250 x 172,5 x 8 cm

Application: 3-4 people/250 kg max

Additional information: PATENT, the biggest deckchairs of the BIG deckchair family, 2 meters of advertising area. Advertisement on this product will certainly be visible

Sizes: 190 x 172,5 x 8cm cm

Application: 2-3 people/190 kg max

Additional information: A smaller version of BIG deckchair, economic size adjusted to courier’s transport

MINI BIG deckchair

Sizes: 160 x 172,5 cm x 8 cm
Application: 2-3 people / 160 kg max
Additional information: the smallest of BIG deckchair family. Its sizes are right for palletization


Sizes: 250 x 172,5 x 8 cm
Application: 3-4 people / 250 kg max.
Additional information: the couch is our latest proposition, which is an ideal completion of the series of BIG deckchairs. The product was rewarded with GIFTS OF THE YEAR 2019.

Application: 1-2 people/190 kg max
Additional information: Premium deckchair is a classically styled model with a larger advertising area.

Sizes: 180 x 92 x 37 cm

Application: 2-3 people/190 kg
Additional information: A wooden bench is an ideal product in public places such as: museums, parks or topical events.


S.01 Pine   S.02 Tik   S.03 Oak   S.04 Rosewood  S.05 White S.06 Ebony   S.07 Gray

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