Wooden deckchairs

Classic wooden, advertising deckchairs with your logo on

What does your brand need? We offer classic, beach, swimming-pool, winter, events as well as premium models! A personal image or logo which will be an ideal form of advertisement of your brand can be placed on each of them.

Sizes: 125x54x3,2 cm

Informacje dodatkowe: Flag product, favorite model of our clients. Classic amongst the deckchairs. Durable, light-weight, mobile. Combination of quality with good price.  

Sizes: 120x54x3,2  cm

Additional information: After folding its sizes correspond to euro pallet sizes. Easy for transport of bulk quantities.


Comfort deckchair

Sizes: 125x61x3,2 cm
Additional information:
Compact and economic model with arms which make use even more comfortable

Comfort Drink deckchair

Sizes: 125x61x3,2 cm
Additional information: Ideal in gastronomic areas. Deckchair with an arm with a drink holder.

Sizes: 139x59x3,2 cm
Additional information: Timeless model with arms, maximum comfort in a very classical way

Sizes: 139x59x3,2 cm
Additional information: A new product with a drink holder intended for the most demanding

DUO deckchair with single fabric

Sizes: 129x115x3,9 cm
Additional information: Two-person, solid deckchair with a slat 4 cm thick with single fabric. Very practical during showings of movies and open-air events.

DUO deckchair with double fabric

Sizes: 129x115x3,9 cm
Additional information: DUO deckchair – version with two separate fabrics. This deckchair have possibility of change the fabric.

Winter deckchairs

Sizes: 125x60x3,2 cm
Additional information: A model adjusted to winter conditions. Wider for comfortable use. The wood protected against adverse influence of snow and frost.

Handle deckchairs

Sizes: 125x54x3,2 cm
Additional information: Modern look. Give your advertisement a new image. The slit in the deckchair slat makes it easy to convey or move. The deckchair price covers changeable fabric.

Swimming pool deckchair

Sizes: 125x54x3,2 cm
Additional information: Intended for aquatic relax areas. The wooden frame protected against adverse influence of moisture. The fabric with water-permeable microholes.

Plus Deckchair

Sizes: + 6 cm,
Height:  + 16 cm
Additional information: A larger – premium deckchair. Its purpose is to satisfy even the most demanding clients. This model has slats 4 cm wide.

Kids Deckchair

Sizes: 100x47x3,2 cm
Additional information: Created for kids. Ideal for promoting children brands.
Paint your “Kids”!

Mini deckchair

Sizes: 51×37,5×3,2 cm
Additional information: A small version of classical deckchair. It perfectly presents itself at shop windows, in pubs, wineries. Perfect as a gift for connoisseurs of wines.


S.01 Transparent  S.02 Oak   S.03 Tik   S.04 Mahogany   S.05 Palisander   S.06 – Heban

V.01 White  V.02  Yellow  V.03 Orange  V.04  Red  V.05 Blue  V.05 Gray

High quality print made in sublimation method on the entire area of the fabric. The number of the colors does not affect the price. Printing according to CMYK and PANTONE is a guarantee of real colors holding the highest durability and resistance to UV. The print does not rub off.

Silk screen printing is a very durable method of printing in which paint is pressed into the fabric creating one whole with it.
This method is recommended for medium size prints on dyed fabrics from our offer. The color of the print is specified as per Pantone palette.