Advertising textiles

Advertising textiles

Blankets, towels, bags, backpacks, mattresses and pillows are not only functional products but also an ideal form of advertisement and promotion of your brand. Sublimation print perfectly reflects all colors in reality. Each product is made with high care, the fabrics used in our production are textiles of the highest quality – each of them is chosen to the functionality of a particular product


Hats are made with polyester fabric and only come in one-size. The hats are stretchy, very endurable and also UV-proof. They are great for everyday use but they also make a unique advertisement tool. Your desired design can be printed on the hats through sublimation.


Our snoods do a great job at protecting you from the cold and the wind. The fabric which was used to create them is stretchy, pleasant to touch, and it’s quick-drying properties allow the user for a straightforward wash. A design of your choice will make the snood a stylish addition to your outfit, all while keeping you protected and comfortable.


We offer cotton aprons with a subtle piece of embroidery as well as a polyester alternative with a possibility for a bigger print, the choice is yours. Our aprons will make an outstanding and classic addition to your restaurant or café.


Our tablecloths are a perfect mixture of decoration and advertisement. We produce large tablecloths as well as smaller table runners. While choosing the type of fabric we always take your needs into account. Whether it’s stain proof, water proof or satin fabric. Even a subtle table with an eye catching design can give your brand a prestigious impression.


During the pandemic a mask serves as a tool to protect our health, however it can also be used as a great way to advertise you brand, through your desired print. As a brand, is there a better place to be rather than on “everybody’s mouths”? First impression is a first glance – a glance which is directly aimed at your brand. Also, the thought through design will satisfy even the most demanding wearer.


Material: Polyester/ cotton
Print: Sublimation/ screen printing/ embroidery
Measurements:  51 cm x 63 cm

Vests with your own print are an excellent advert for your brand. Made with light and comfortable material. An inexpensive advertisement tool in the colour of your choice. The large area on the back of the vest is a great space for your advert. The vests are very versatile and can be used everywhere. The additional option of HI-VIS patches on our vests means they can also be used on building sites!


The mat with an individual print can be used as a play, game or advertising space.
Waterproof fabric, durable sublimation printing.


All our products are placed in separate packaging if desired by the client.


Our packages are delivered within 24h of shipment 98% of the time. We also offer our own palletised form of delivery.


We offer NO NAME parcels, marking using EAN codes and personalised stickers with the details of your brand.