Printing house

How do we work?

The basic technique of printing in our business activity is thermos-sublimation print. In the nutshell, colourant permeates the fabric texture by means of a very high temperature and pressure. It is a two-step process. First, required graphics are placed on special paper for sublimation and then the graphics are fixed on proper sort of fabric.
We use the best equipment and textiles available on the market. For printing we use MIMAKI machines, that are filled with SENSIENT paints / printer inks. We use Italian glazing machine MONTI ANTONIO for sublimation printing on fabrics. All the mentioned producers are the leaders in our business.

Custom-made print.

We realise orders from 1 piece to hundreds or (even thousands of pieces) with any designs. As regards printing we are limited only by imagination! Our designers are willing to make digital visualization of a product.


Photography quality of an image and very intense colours.


Infinite length of printing and broad range of fabrics.


Resistant to changeable weather conditions, wearing away, washing and ironing.


Impalpable and scent-free print